Zadie Blouse Hack: changing the neckline gathers to a bust dart
With Lisa

Class Overview

The Zadie Blouse is a loose-fitting, button-up blouse, with a simple short band collar, gorgeous gathered sleeves and cute button cuffs. One of the design features of Zadie is the soft volume around the neckline that gathers into the band collar, this creates a lovely detail and makes the blouse really flow.

However, if gathers aren’t your thing and you prefer a more simple neckline then you might want to follow this tutorial. Here, Lisa shows you how to remove the gathers at the neckline and rotate them instead into a bust dart creating a slightly more modest design.

The principles behind this tutorial would also work for almost any pattern where you want to remove some volume and pop it into a dart instead.

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What you learn

  • How to remove the gathers from the Zadie Blouse neckline and convert them into a bust dart

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  • Zadie Blouse Hack: changing the neckline gathers to a bust dart  0/1

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Sewing Instructor

Lisa has been teaching people to sew for over 10 years. As the founder of Sew Over It, she has a passion for teaching and enabling the joy of sewing in others!