Class Content

Total learning: 50 lessons
  • Introduction  0/4

  • Choosing Fabric and Measuring Yourself  0/3

  • Preparing to Sew  0/2

  • Sewing the Carrie Trousers  0/7

  • Introduction to Fitting the Ultimate Trousers  0/4

  • The Ultimate Trousers: Fitting Surgery  0/7

  • Styling the Ultimate Trousers  0/4

  • Sewing the Ultimate Trousers  0/7

  • Glossary  0/10

  • Conclusion  0/2


On this course I am going to show you how to make two pairs of trousers – the Carrie Trousers and the Ultimate Trousers. I am also going to give you lots of help with fitting and plenty of tips and tricks to make dressmaking at home that bit easier.

This online class is broken down into easy to follow sections so you can dip in and out when you want. The pattern and written instructions are available to download as PDFs for you to print out at home. We also have lots of additional guides on how to fix common fitting problems in our Fitting Surgery.

Perfect for advanced beginner dressmakers, this course will demystify the often scary process of sewing trousers. With advanced beginner AND intermediate patterns included, I will help you to build your skills throughout the course. We will start with the loose-fitting Carrie Trousers, which are perfect for summer. We will then move onto the more fitted pair of capri-style Ultimate Trousers, where we concentrate on getting a great fit. Focusing primarily on fit, the course will not only teach you how to construct trousers, but also how to diagnose fitting problems. Using real bodies, you will learn how to adjust your pattern to achieve the perfect fit.

I will guide you through the whole process, from measuring yourself and choosing the right fabric, through to creating your finished trousers. With plenty of course materials alongside the videos including written instructions, detailed fitting handouts and a video Glossary, you’ll never be left on your own.

Both trousers patterns are in UK sizes 8-20.

Please note: The online class does not have a time limit so you can buy it now but don’t have to start the course straight away. You will still be able to log in and access the lessons in the future. You can replay the videos as many times as you like and watch them at any time of day.

Let’s have a closer look at the patterns included in the class …

Carrie Trousers

With a relaxed fit this is the perfect pattern to begin with when learning to sew trousers. Learn basic trouser construction and in no time at all, end up with a stylish pair of summer trousers. Ideally made in rayon, and with pleats at the waist, tapered legs, back elasticated waistband as well as pockets, there are plenty of skills to learn in this part of the course.

Carrie Trousers 7a

Ultimate Trousers

Our Ultimate Trousers pattern has been super popular with the online sewing community, but we know that some are put off attempting trousers on their own because they’re unsure about fitting. The construction of the Ultimate Trousers is nice and simple, so in this part of the course we focus on really mastering the fit. Covering everything from loose crotch to full bottom adjustments, there will be a comprehensive guide on correcting the pattern depending on body shape – we cover all in the Fitting Surgery!

Ultimate Trousers 7a

What will you learn?

  • how to measure yourself and choose the correct size for your body
  • choosing the appropriate fabric for your trousers
  • how to assemble your PDF pattern and cut it out
  • how to prepare and cut your fabric
  • pleats, darts and sewing trouser legs
  • how to sew and attach a waistband
  • the best ways to finish the raw edges of your seam allowances
  • sewing pockets into the Carrie Trousers
  • my top tips for inserting an invisible zip
  • how to finish a hem
  • how to thread elastic into a waistband
  • how to measure yourself and fit darts
  • how to change the facings to match new darts
  • how to transfer changes from a toile to a pattern
  • how to measure yourself and alter the pattern for a tight or loose crotch
  • how to measure yourself and alter the pattern for a flat or fuller bottom
  • how to measure yourself and alter the pattern for fuller or thin thighs
  • how to measure yourself and alter the pattern for a fuller stomach
  • how to style your Ultimate Trousers by tapering the legs