Salma Dress Pattern Hack: Split Hem Jumper
With Lisa

Class Overview

Our first pattern of 2021 is the Salma Dress! The Salma is a classic jersey shift dress, perfect for feeling dressy whilst remaining super comfortable at home. The easy-to-wear design creates an incredibly simple silhouette that suits almost every shape and is adaptable for every occasion!

However, what if dresses aren’t your thing, or if you fancy sewing up the perfect work from home jumper instead? Well Salma’s got your back there too!

In this tutorial Lisa shows you how to adapt your Salma Dress pattern into a boxy jumper (although still with darts to keep a little of Salma’s lovely shaping), complete with a side slit and stepped hem.

First Lisa talks you through altering your pattern and where to measure on yourself to get the perfect length for you. Then she shows you how to sew up these changes in the Salma Jumper to make your new fave cosy top.

If you’re struggling with any of the other aspects of the construction of the Salma Dress then Lisa has also filmed a sewalong on Youtube for the v-neck version, which you can find here.

What you learn

  • How to change your Salma Dress pattern into a boxy cropped jumper
  • How to add a stepped hem and split to your new jumper pattern

Class Content

Total learning: 2 lessons
  • Salma Dress Pattern Hack: Split Hem Jumper  0/2

Skill Level

Beginner Level Beginner Level

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Taught By

Sewing Instructor

Lisa has been teaching people to sew for over 10 years. As the founder of Sew Over It, she has a passion for teaching and enabling the joy of sewing in others!