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Intro to Overlocking
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Want to be best friends with your overlocker but don’t know where to start? Well we have the course for you!

We’re bringing you one of our most loved London classes right into your home. We’ve taught hundreds of people to get comfortable with their overlocker and now we’re bringing it direct to your sewing room!

Intro to Overlocking is a skills based course that focuses on getting the most out of your overlocker. We start with the basics, covering everything from how to clean and thread your overlocker (the easy and the hard way!) to how to do some swanky hem finishes that’ll really level up your sewing.

You’ll learn with Becca through clearly communicated tutorials filled with top tips and tricks that you can transfer to your sewing. We developed this course with Layla, our superstar overlocking teacher, who’s shared her years of experience to make the course packed full of content. With lots of close ups & diagrams of every little bit of our overlocker, you’ll come away from Intro to Overlocking with a renewed love for your overlocker and a new professional look to your home sewn garments!

What you learn

  • Cleaning your overlocker
  • The overlocker stitch
  • Threading your overlocker
  • Changing your tension
  • Using the differential feed
  • Changing needles
  • Disengaging the blade
  • Unpicking overlocking stitches
  • Securing thread tails
  • Overlocking curves and corners
  • Sewing a flatlock stitch
  • Sewing a blind hem
  • Sewing a rolled hem

Class Content

Total learning: 16 lessons
  • Introduction  0/3

  • Getting Technical  0/6

  • Tips & Tricks  0/6

  • Conclusion  0/1

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