How to sew the trouser hem of the Dandelion Dungarees
With Lisa

Class Overview

Sewing up children’s clothing can be super quick because they’re so small, but it can also be super fiddly for the same reason! When sewing up the Dandelion Dungarees, we use a technique called ‘bagging out’ to finish the hem of the trouser legs. It leaves a lovely neat finish but is a little bit fiddly and hard to demonstrate in drawings and written instructions. Luckily it’s a lot easier to see over video!

Here Lisa talks you through how to ‘bag out’ the trouser legs of the Dandelion Dungarees, a technique that you can use on many garments that are constructed in the same way. Time to do some learning and stop putting off the tricky part of this pattern!

What you learn

  • How to sew the trouser hem of the Dandelion Dungarees
  • How to hem something very small!

Class Content

Total learning: 1 lesson
  • How to sew the trouser hem of the Dandelion Dungarees  0/1

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Beginner Level Beginner Level

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Sewing Instructor

Lisa has been teaching people to sew for over 10 years. As the founder of Sew Over It, she has a passion for teaching and enabling the joy of sewing in others!