How to sew the stay tape on the Georgie Dress
With Lisa

The Georgie Dress is a chic, everyday knit dress that is as comfy to wear as it is stylish. With a fit and flare style, it’s flattering on so many figures and makes a gorgeous outfit all year round. Whether you’re wearing it to the office, whilst out and about at the weekend, or simply having a cosy day at home, you’re guaranteed to look put-together in Georgie. It’s an outfit in one!

Simple and elegant with a lovely finish, the Georgie Dress features a wrap over bodice which pleats into the side seams for shaping. The top is lined for a beautifully clean finish, as well as for extra comfort and support.

To stop the classic wrap bodice from stretching out, stay tape or clear plastic is applied to the bias cut neckline. It can be a little fiddly to apply tape to jersey so Lisa’s in front of the camera to show you one of the techniques that you can use to apply stay tape of clear elastic to a bias cut lined bodice.

What you learn

  • how to handle jersey fabric
  • how to apply stay tape or clear elastic
  • how to get a beautiful neckline on your Georgie Dress

Class Content

Total learning: 1 lesson