How to insert a sleeve into a woven garment
With Becca

Class Overview

There are some things in sewing that we try to avoid as they just seem too scary to tackle. Inserting a sleeve in a woven garment is sure to be on some lists! Well Becca is here to guide you through it with tips on what those notches on the sleevehead really mean, and how best to make the sewing machine do the work for you!

What you learn

  • What the notches on your sleeve mean
  • How to best pin in your sleeve
  • How to sew in your sleeve without getting puckers or tucks
  • Step-by-step instructions of how to sew in a sleeve in the round

Class Content

Total learning: 1 lesson
  • How to insert a sleeve into a woven garment  0/1

Skill Level

Intermediate Level Intermediate Level

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